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Belgian Waffle Bar: Image


Our signature Belgian waffle mix is always made fresh (we never use ready made mix) using specially sourced ingredients which gives all of our waffles their light and delicate taste and texture.

We prepare our golden waffles on site at your event, covered in sweet toppings and smothered in your choice of sauces. Our core Belgian Waffle Bar package allows for a selection of any 2 sauces & any 4 toppings from the table below. These selections will be what your guests can choose from when being served their fresh waffles by our staff. Customisation to the core package is also possible (i.e. addition of more toppings, sauces and extras).  We aim to accommodate our customers as much as possible to make your planned event perfect.

Belgian Waffle Bar: Image
Belgian Waffle Bar: Text
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